Funerals / Memorials

Funerals / Memorials - Master of Ceremonies - DJ Skin & Bone

Losing family or a friend can be a heart-breaking event. With the right music you can...

  • Play the moments.
  • Pause the memories.
  • Stop the pain.
  • Rewind the happiness.

Does your dearly departed want you to mourn their passing or celebrate their life?

Times have changed, with a well-chosen song list or music genre, your farewell can be an uplifting and vibrant experience for all in attendance and pay true homage to the spirit of your loved one. Maybe they stipulated in their will and testament that their funeral should be like this.

Whether this is at a place of worship, a funeral home or private home, with consultation, professionalism and sensitivity, Vic will provide an appropriate environment with background music or party sounds in line with your directions.


Get all the family and friends together for a memorial that your dearly departed would have loved to attend. “Music is what feelings sound like”! Maybe on the anniversary of passing or a special birthday or event, what a great way to remember, than a party, with all that knew and loved them.