Band & Concert Support

Band & Concert Support - DJ Skin & Bone

During the mid 80’s Vic spent a year working as a roadie in Europe, doing the lighting and sound for various concerts. In NZ he works extensively with local and international musicians and bands.

Warming the crowd with great sounds and talk-over, keeping the party going in the breaks and then playing out the night when the band finishes to keep the celebration going and to give the bar an opportunity to sell more drinks.

He has held many highly successful After-Parties- these are parties that are held after a band has played, these have been held in many of Auckland’s high profile venues.

What the happy punters say...

"The Auckland Ska Festival has enjoyed the participation of Vic - D.J. Skin'n'Bone since our first event in 2013. This is held at the Kings Arms Tavern.For the last 3 years he has managed the festival warm up during the afternoon which involves sourcing various P.A. and DJ gear, arranging 4 or more other D.J.s and their sets as well as promoting the event. As well as D.J. duties he makes a fantastic M.C. introducing all the bands in our line-up (usually 10 or more). We love the enthusiasm he brings to our show so we can't imagine SKAFEST without him now."
Ross & Jake, Auckland Ska Festival (Producers)

"DJ Skin & Bone? He is the only one to bring a party in your pants. Without him, it’s like fish and chips without tomato sauce. Whether you wanna rare vintage Jamaican music, 70s & 80s party music, or reggae music with hit of Bob Marley, he always brings you a good vibe."
Darren Bowyer-Warner. Waiheke DJ & Acetones singer & musician

"Thanks so much Vic for your DJ support. It got the night off to a great start and helped and created a real party atmosphere well before we took to the stage. A job well done."
Acetones (gig at Portland Public House, Kingsland)