Master of Ceremonies: MC Services


I want your Special Day, Party or Event to be memorable for the right reason!

  • Does Uncle Bob like his red wine a bit too much?
  • Does your best mate often let the F-Bomb slip?
  • Does your mum like to talk about all your past girlfriends?
  • Do you really want to burden a guest with this very important task?

The duties of the MC cannot be underestimated, they are vital in ensuring the event runs smoothly and on schedule, making sure guests have a great time, the bride and groom or hosts are left with a wonderful memory for years to come.

I CAN HELP YOU WITH THIS… to the highest standard and in the right quantity that your event requires. I am highly experienced in public speaking, and able to tailor this to the level of formality needed, arriving completely organised.

Auckland MC for your Party or Event

Here’s a short list of possible Wedding MC duties. This can be modified to suit any event.

  1. Opening the wedding reception by welcoming the wedding guests.
  2. Introducing yourself as the Wedding Master of Ceremonies for the reception.
  3. Formally introducing the bride and grooms parents to the wedding guests, ensuring that pronunciations of first and last names are correct.
  4. Introducing the bridal party in the order they will be seated at the head table.
  5. Creating an atmosphere of anticipation and announcing the entrance of the wedding couple with enthusiasm and applause.
  6. Introducing the person who will say the blessing or grace prior to serving the main meal.
  7. Introducing each wedding guest before they give their wedding speech or wedding toast.
  8. Giving the Wedding MCs Wedding Speech if requested to do so.
  9. Reading messages of congratulations from friends and relatives who were unable to attend the wedding.
  10. Announcing the ceremonial cutting of the cake.
  11. Informing the wedding guests that the throwing of the bouquet and garter are about to take place.
  12. Announcing the commencement of the dancing.
  13. Announcing the first dance by the bride and groom and inviting them to take to the dance floor.
  14. Informing the wedding guests that the bride and groom will be leaving the reception shortly.
  15. Officially ending the wedding reception, thanking the guests for attending, and wishing them a safe trip home.

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